Filinvest City: The Skyline of the South

A skyline is one of the first things that a person flying to any city in the world will see. Representing progress, loftier skyline could mean more opportunities — this has inspired many to flock in metropolitan areas in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. In Manila alone, population has doubled in two decades resulting to the increase of its population density. With it comes the rise of value and search for space and serenity.

filinvest-city-skylineHowever, one does not have to move to nearby provinces to get away. Located at the southern part of Metro Manila is Filinvest City, a fine urban development that allows room for growth while maintaining exclusivity and much-needed space. The name speaks for itself – Filinvest City is a city that can be reached via a short fifteen minute drive from Makati. Filinvest Alabang Inc.’s Executive Vice President Kate Ilagan talks about the convenient location that brings dwellers a modern city outside the congested spectrum of Manila. “Some people have this perception that Alabang is far, but one only needs to actually experience coming here to be delightfully surprised,” says Ilagan.


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