Living wall greens up Vinia Residences + VersaFlats


Incorporating environmental elements have become de rigueur for property developers eager to spruce up their various developments. For Filinvest Land, Inc., however, greening their various projects are not merely to provide lush eye candy for its residents; more importantly, it is to provide a refreshing and ultimately healthier environment within its communities.

One Spatial offers more space to move, grow and live

A balanced space brings a flow of healthy energy, vitality, and a feeling of freshness and joy. One Spatial, the first mid-rise building development of Futura Homes, the value homes of trusted property developer, Filinvest Land Inc., creates space in the home to nourish your life.

One Spatial occupies a sprawling 1.7 hectares of property, where the individual can relax and children can play, discover themselves, and explore their surroundings in a stress-free environment, and where a small community has room to grow together and flourish.

OneSpatialisthefirstAt the heart of dynamic Pasig City,
One Spatial units feature a generous floor layout where space is maximized for convenience and flexible living. Aside from the masters bedroom, the second bedroom is perfect as a nursery or children’s room, a guest room, or even an office or study for a couple.

Bask in cheery mornings or lively afternoons as the natural light and fresh air from the interior garden areas provide a positive atmosphere in the building. Reinforced concrete walls also help reduce noise in rooms and units while the hotel-type corridor limits outside noise. Laundry cages are located at the roof decks to make room for the everyday chores.

The Filipino dream home made affordable at Filinvest’s Futura Homes

As far as dream homes go, there can be no limits to one’s imagination. Some may picture a mansion on a hill, or a modest homestead amidst lots of greenery. For many, however, a dream home is a simple as a place that’s one’s own, where one can grow a family and establish roots in the community.

Such a goal is now closer to becoming a reality, as leading property developer Filinvest has made it its mission to develop beautiful yet affordable homes for Filipino families.

Futura Homes is the value homes division of Filinvest, fulfilling the company’s commitment of enable every Filipino to have their own abodes. Designed with residents’ needs and budget in mind, Futura Homes are not only truly worth their hard-earned money, but are also the perfect place to jumpstart their own futures.

Filinvest has ensured that Futura Homes are constructed in line with the highest standards. The modern, minimalist house models use the Buhos Tibay cast-in-place construction technology, which enable the houses to be more resistant to natural disasters such as typhoons, as well as to common issues such as termites. Cast-in-place construction technology also has the added benefit of promoting energy efficiency, thanks to proper insulation.

Futura Homes also have other budget-friendly options include the row homes or various townhouse models. In fact, Filinvest recently acquired a 6.6 hectare property located at Brgy San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna. The San Pedro project will be the latest project in the area carrying the Futura Homes brand and is expected to have affordable residential units.

As with every Filinvest property, Futura Homes San Pedro has amenities for its residents’ enjoyment, providing places where young ones can play and where older people can relax and unwind. And thanks to its strategic location, Futura Homes San Pedro can be easily accessed via the SLEX’s San Pedro Exit or Muntinlupa. It is also 15 minutes away from the Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang, and is conveniently near commercial establishments, schools, churches and hospitals.

Through Futura Homes, Filinvest Land. Inc. has made the dream of owning one’s home a reality for the Filipino. With a rich history spanning almost 50 years, Filinvest has built more than 135,000 homes on over 2,350 hectares of land to fulfill the dreams of Filipino families across the nation. A trusted name in providing well-crafted homes, inspiring townships and vibrant cities, Filinvest takes Filipinos through life’s important milestones – helping them achieve their ultimate dream of a place they can truly call home.

To know more about Futura Homes, call (02) 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

Dreams can come true in Pueblo Solana


Pueblo Solana, which name is Spanish for Sunshine Village, is located in Calamba, Laguna. The Modern Spanish themed community, on a 67-hectare property will have several components, designed to enhance the living experience, and appeal to the dreams of aspiring Filipino families.

Pueblo Solana will introduce its first initial phase, Valle Dulce, which will occupy a 12-hectare expanse located in Barangays Bubuyan and Burol.
Valle Dulce at Pueblo Solana, which means sweet valley, shall offer modestly priced homes ideal for newlyweds or growing families.

Valle Dulce features two living options – a 60-square-meter house and lot package starting at P630,000 for those who are already eager to move in to a new house. There is the Luvina house model, with a modern minimalist Spanish architecture, is designed with a spacious studio layout that can accommodate areas for living, dining, and provision for one bedroom. It comes with one toilet and bath, kitchen counter, service area and patio. Aside from the house and lot package, Valle Dulce shall also offer 150-square-meter residential lots for those who would like to build their own homes or invest in real estate property.

Amenities include the basketball court, clubhouse, parks, playground, and swimming pool that encourage community gatherings as well as provide venues for rest and relaxation. Design of the project’s community facility for the residents comfort, safety, and convenience include the village entrance with guardhouse, perimeter fence, wide concrete roads, overhead power distribution lines, centralized water distribution system and underground drainage system.

Pueblo Solana will allocate a common recreational and commercial center area called the Plaza del Pueblo. This will be made accessible to all via the main road called El Paso or “The Passage,” a tree-lined 20-meter road that transverses from the Calamba-Tagaytay road in Barangay Bubuyan and ends in the secondary entrance located in Barangay Kay-Anlog.

Pueblo Solana can be easily accessed via private and public transportation from four major points: Calamba, Batangas, Tagaytay and Manila. This ideally located development is very near major commercial establishments such as SM City and Waltermart.

With schools, hospitals, churches, industrial estates and thousands of commercial establishments, Calamba is certainly a booming city and the perfect location for the Pueblo Solana project. Indeed, its communities will certainly attract local residents, employees and professionals working in the industrial parks, urbanites who want to experience suburban living while enjoying urban amenities, and OFWs looking for sound investments or homes for their growing families. With very affordable prices ranging from P630,000 to P900,000 and various attractive payment terms via in-house and bank financing, Pueblo Solana certainly makes it easy for the Filipino to make the dream of owning their own home come true.

Pueblo Solana is a development of Futura Homes. Filinvest is committed to making the Filipino’s dreams to have a home of their own come true.

For information, call 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

Affordable, quality homes by Futura Homes of Filinvest

When it comes to life achievements, one dream that is on top of almost everyone’s list is having their own home. Who wouldn’t want to have a space that’s all their own, a product of their hard work and a symbol of new beginnings?

While some may think that being able to buy a house is still a long way for reality, leading property developer Filinvest has been undertaking for several decades the development of beautiful yet affordable homes that will take Filipinos a step closer to fulfilling their dream of having a home.

The Futura Homes brand by Flinvest provides Filipinos with affordable homes they can be proud of. Shared Reynaldo A. Ascaño, First Vice President of Filinvest, “When we designed Futura Homes, considering our residents’ needs and budget were at the top of our minds. We wanted to make sure that the homes we offer are truly worth their hard-earned money, and ensure that they have the perfect place to jumpstart their own futures.” True enough, for less than a million pesos and with a host of financing schemes available, Filipinos can easily realize their dream of becoming a home-owner.

Futura Homes boast of modern, minimalist house models thatdesign-wise are in step with the times. These also make use of the Buhos Tibay cast-in-place construction technology. “Buhos Tibay makes our houses are stronger than those made of hollow blocks or pre-cast materials,” said. “Because of the strong walls, the house is more resistant to natural disasters such as typhoons; as well as to common issues such as termites. Cast-in-place construction technology also provides proper insulation resulting to energy efficiency that, of course, leads to cost savings.”

Future residents have several house models to choose from, all designed in modern minimalist fashion. A young professional keen on making it out on his own can choose the Luvina, a spacious model with a studio-type layout. Newlyweds can find the perfect starter home in the 2-bedroom Styla while young families can nest in a cozy 3-bedroom Moderno model, with a patio perfect for get-togethers. Growing families can find the space they need in the Aspira home which has two storeys and three bedrooms, as well as a toilet and bath on each floor or the two-storey Contempo which features four bedrooms plus a family hall and terrace on the second floor. Other budget-friendly options include the row homes or various townhouse models.

Another important feature is the ability to expand the home to suit the needs of growing families. “Too often, we hear of families who need more space as time goes by. Our model units are flexible enough to accommodate future expansion,” said Ascaño.

A Filinvest development is not complete without a range of amenities that enables residents to enjoy various activities within the confines of their villages, or be near destinations for recreation. From beautiful gardens to swimming pools and clubhouses, Futura Homes lets residents revel in bonding moments with family and friends. Because of its beauty and affordability, Futura Homes can certainly be the dream home you’re looking for. “Indeed, you can be sure, there is a Futura Home for every Filipino,” declares Ascaño.

The Pineview Futura Homes in Tanza, Cavite, for example, is located near El Sorrento Country Club thus providing residents with their choice of fun activities to indulge in. Village amenities also abound in Valle Dulce in Calamba, Laguna, and Woodville in General Trias, Cavite, guaranteeing that there’s no need to go out for some rest and relaxation.

Futura Homes is the value homes of Filinvest Land. Inc. With a rich history spanning almost 50 years, Filinvest has built more than 135,000 homes on over 2,350 hectares of land to fulfill the dreams of Filipino families across the nation. A trusted name in providing well-crafted homes, inspiring townships and vibrant cities, Filinvest takes Filipinos through life’s important milestones – helping them achieve their ultimate dream of a place they can truly call home.

To know more about Futura Homes, call (02) 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

Filinvest Land, Inc. Launches Its Latest Innovation in Mid-Rise Buildings

Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) announced the launching of its latest Mid-Rise Building (MRB) project called One Spatial Pasig.  This is the first of a series of MRB projects that will be marketed under the “Spatial” product name.
One Spatial offers “more space, more value” and is FLI’s latest OneSpatialisthefirstinnovation in its MRB projects.  Located on a 1.8 hectare prime property along Amang Rodriguez Street in Pasig City, it is within walking distance to the Santolan Station of LRT2.  The project has an estimated total sales value of Php1.5 billion.
One Spatial features 7 buildings with 6 floors each.  The units are larger and are designed for functionality and efficiency.  All the units being offered are 32 square meters, with buyers having the option of combining up to 3 units.  The units are an ideal start-up home for families.
“Spatial” MRBs are more affordable than FLI’s MRBs that are offered under the “Oasis” series and are priced at around 20% to 25% less per square meter.  Units sell at around Php1.8 million and will enable more customers to purchase an affordable home within Metro Manila.
Just like FLI’s other MRB projects, Spatial projects will feature lots of open spaces with the buildings’ footprint occupying only 35-40% of the total land area, giving residents a truly spacious sanctuary amidst the urban sprawl.

Joyce Pilarsky celebrates life with La Vie


Mrs. Philippines Germany Joyce Peñas Pilarsky is living the life. She has no qualms in pursuing her passions be it modeling, visual art, jewelry and fashion design or writing a book. Even if she is considered a highly accomplished woman of the world, it is evident her heart and spirit thirst for more.

Joyce is the very epitome of the La Vie Flats, a prime residential project of seasoned developer Filinvest Alabang Inc. La Vie follows the resounding success of Vivant Flats. Both La Vie and Vivant form part of the premium residential block called The Flats at Parkway, which is located along the prestigious Parkway Avenue at the Filinvest City.JoycePilarsky

La Vie celebrates life by offering residents a lifestyle that is attuned to their needs and desires. It stands near the heart of a vibrant satellite city and central business district where career, leisure, recreation, dining and shopping pursuits are just within reach.

The inherent appeal of La Vie did not escape Joyce’s sharp eye for beauty and perfection. “I chose La Vie because it has a nice location and it offers a fantastic view – a beautiful panorama” she reasoned.

“Plus, I like the fact that it is near to the places I want to go.”

When she married a German diplomat, she had taken roots in her husband’s homeland. But she constantly shuttles back and forth between Philippines and Germany to attend to her numerous commitments in the country. This May, she’s scheduled to showcase her latest creations in the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week. Then she’ll hop to Butuan City to inaugurate a floating library, a donation of her foundation to the Manobos of Agusan Del Norte. Also part of her crammed itinerary is the launch of her first book Young, Sexy and Gorgeous, which reveals her secrets to staying slim, gorgeous and youthful.

Such hectic schedule is just a norm for a spirited, contemporary woman like Joyce. With her full schedule, she relishes her time to pause for a beauty rest and to recharge for another busy day ahead. It is only expected that she acquire a dwelling that reflects her zest for life.

La Vie Flats was ingeniously planned by virtuosos in architecture and design to complement a bustling and demanding lifestyle. Its rooms were laid out thoughtfully to make living easier LaVieModelUnitand more comfortable. Unit offerings include a mix of penthouse and 1 up to 2 bedroom units. The beautiful penthouse units were very much in demand that these were quickly sold-out. Joyce, meanwhile, took up a 2-bedroom unit that will eventually reflect her artistic inclinations.

As an owner, Joyce can indulge in its selection of indoor and outdoor amenities. She particularly singled out the fully-equipped gym and swimming pool as her favorites.  “These will keep me fit,” says the waif who seems to be magically defying time.

The facilities of La Vie also include a jogging path, garden gazebo, children’s play area and study hall, function rooms, and landscaped gardens with water features. As part of the The Flats community, it has access to shared amenities found in Vivant and other future developments in the area. These are the pools with cabana, outdoor play area for kids, open areas for social functions, and an open courtyard with built-in sitting.

La Vie Flats was designed by GF and Partners Architects, the firm responsible for other renowned projects like Makati Shangri-La, PBCom Tower, Oakwood, and Vivant Flats. The project is managed by Filinvest Alabang, Inc., a subsidiary of Filinvest Land, Inc.  

La Vie Flats is another prime development of Filinvest, a trusted name in the industry and a leader in property development for over fifty years. Filinvest is committed to making the Filipino’s dreams to have a home of their own come true.  Guided by the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service, it forges ahead with renewed dynamism.  Beyond building homes and communities for Filipino families, Filinvest comes to the fore of building dreams for the Filipino.

For more information on La Vie Flats, call 850-0888, 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

Filinvest Linear Project On The Rise

the linear perspective

Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) announced that it recently awarded the construction of its Linear high-rise project to Megawide Construction Corp. With this award, Tower 1 of The Linear is slated to top-off in 2012 marking the structural completion of the building, while turn-over of the units is scheduled for the first half of 2013. In response to positive market demand and brisk sales, Tower 2 has also been awarded and will be constructed one year ahead of schedule and will be delivered on July 2014 instead of July 2015.

The Linear is the first high-rise residential condominium development of Filinvest Land in Makati City. According to Jing Concepcion, First Vice President of FLI, “The Linear is a landmark project, thus we at FLI are very keen and excited to deliver this project to our buyers as soon as possible.”

The Linear is a masterplanned residential condominium development in a choice property bounded by Mayapis, Malugay, and Yakal Streets in Makati City. The Linear offers professionals, executives and young families a condo home that meets all the demands of fast-paced city living—accessibility, spaciousness, conveniences of daily living, and eco-friendly features that bring nature closer to home. “Filinvest is using its expertise in building communities to make the promise of a genuinely holistic and well-balanced Makati lifestyle a reality,” adds Concepcion.

The Linear is mere minutes away from the Makati Central Business District, and very near renowned academic institutions such as Don Bosco College, Assumption College, Mapua Institute of Technology, Centro Escolar University, and Asian Institute of Management. Makati Medical Center and Ospital ng Makati are likewise nearby.
A commercial hub will cater to the convenience and day to day needs of residents. This retail area at the building’s ground level will provide the daily needs of unit owners for utilities and services, such as laundry, water refilling, and convenience stores. In addition, major commercial establishments and malls such as Ayala Center, and Cash & Carry are located just a few minutes away to serve the lifestyle needs of residents.

Filinvest innovates city living with The Linear’s straightforward yet efficient building design and with amenities such as a multi-purpose covered court with indoor jogging trail, a 25-meter lap pool with adjoining wading pool, kiddie pool, and outdoor children’s playground. There will be indoor facilities as well, such as a fitness center, study hall, game room, and party rooms or social halls.
Innovative design includes unit planning that effectively expands living space, by minimizing the intrusive presence of beams and columns in each of its studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Moreover, expansive windows allow residents to enjoy natural lighting, maximum ventilation, and views of Manila Bay, the Makati and Manila skylines, Laguna de Bay, or the Central Park landscaped area of the community.

Concepcion urges condo buyers and investors to avail of the last remaining units available at The Linear. “Robust sales of The Linear since its launch has proven that Filinvest has indeed come up with the right product that addresses an existing demand for efficient and convenient city condo living,” says Concepcion.
The Linear is another testament to the commitment of Filinvest to provide a secure, modern and refreshing haven that modern urbanites truly deserve.

For over fifty years, Filinvest has been building the dreams of Filipinos all over the country with its diverse portfolio of quality residential developments.

For more information, please call 850-0888, or mobile number 0917-877-0888 or log on to Visit The Linear showroom at Unit 101-A Oppen Bldg., 349 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave., Makati City.

Lasting ties, exclusive lifestyles at The Signature


There are places that make distinct marks in one’s life, like the site of one’s first business, where from humble beginnings one has grown a successful enterprise. And while such a location may have changed over the years, it can surprisingly create even more wonderful memories that would strengthen one’s ties to the community.

The Signature is the latest residential project of Filinvest Premiere that provides successful entrepreneurs with a luxurious abode for their families that’s conveniently accessible to their hubs of business. Located in bustling A. Bonifacio Avenue, home to one of the country’s oldest Filipino-Chinese communities, The Signature truly entices with an exclusive environment that nurtures family relationships while forming and strengthening business and community ties.

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