Filinvest Land, Inc. Launches Its Latest Innovation in Mid-Rise Buildings

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Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) announced the launching of its latest Mid-Rise Building (MRB) project called One Spatial Pasig.  This is the first of a series of MRB projects that will be marketed under the “Spatial” product name.
One Spatial offers “more space, more value” and is FLI’s latest OneSpatialisthefirstinnovation in its MRB projects.  Located on a 1.8 hectare prime property along Amang Rodriguez Street in Pasig City, it is within walking distance to the Santolan Station of LRT2.  The project has an estimated total sales value of Php1.5 billion.
One Spatial features 7 buildings with 6 floors each.  The units are larger and are designed for functionality and efficiency.  All the units being offered are 32 square meters, with buyers having the option of combining up to 3 units.  The units are an ideal start-up home for families.
“Spatial” MRBs are more affordable than FLI’s MRBs that are offered under the “Oasis” series and are priced at around 20% to 25% less per square meter.  Units sell at around Php1.8 million and will enable more customers to purchase an affordable home within Metro Manila.
Just like FLI’s other MRB projects, Spatial projects will feature lots of open spaces with the buildings’ footprint occupying only 35-40% of the total land area, giving residents a truly spacious sanctuary amidst the urban sprawl.

In addition, Spatial MRBs will continue to be built using the construction methodology employed by FLI’s MRBs which allows the units to be free of beams and columns, so homeowners can enjoy bigger and unobstructed livable space.  It also relies on reusable forms which save around 3,000 pieces of plywood and 85,000 board feet of lumber per building.  For 2011 alone, FLI was able to save a total of 40,000 pieces of plywood and 1.1 million board feet of lumber.  In addition, all the buildings are constructed with the aim of maximizing natural light and ventilation
FLI is the country’s largest MRB developer, currently with 12 ongoing MRB projects, located in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao City.  These are One Oasis Ortigas, Bali Oasis, Bali Oasis 2, Sorrento Oasis, Capri Oasis and One Spatial in Pasig City; Maui Oasis in Sta. Mesa, Manila; Asiana Oasis in Paranaque City; One Oasis Cebu, Amalfi Oasis and Sanremo Oasis in Metro Cebu and One Oasis Davao.  It plans to launch MRB projects in other key urban areas such as Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro soon.  In 2011, FLI completed the construction of 13 MRB buildings in its various projects.
FLI believes that MRBs are the best housing alternative for the urban Filipino family.  FLI’s MRBs are inner city projects with several 5 to 10-storey buildings clustered around the project’s expansive central amenity area, located in highly accessible areas.  MRBs offer a much better living environment due to its low-density and wide open space, compared to high-rise condominium buildings (HRBs) crammed with thousands of units. Moreover, the cost of a unit in an MRB is lesser than an HRB due to the lower construction cost attributable to the lower height of the building.  In addition, association and other maintenance dues are much lower for MRBs than HRBs.  MRBs in inner city locations provide the best alternative to buyers who do not want the daily commute to and from the nearby provinces but do not wish to live in a crowded high density high-rise condominium within Metro Manila.
One Spatial is another milestone in FLI’s long history of innovation, which include the following:  (1) the Asenso Village where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are allowed in the ground floor and the business owner can live on the second floor; (2) expandable socialized homes where residents can expand their living area by building additional space at the front and back of the original structure; and (3) the “tree series” of expandable homes with roof decks, where homeowners can expand their units upwards.

With a rich history spanning almost 50 years, Filinvest has built more than 135,000 homes on over 2,350 hectares of land to fulfill the dreams of Filipino families across the nation.  A trusted name in providing well-crafted homes, inspiring townships and vibrant cities, Filinvest takes Filipinos through life’s important milestones – helping them achieve their ultimate dream of a place they can truly call home.

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