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When it comes to life achievements, one dream that is on top of almost everyone’s list is having their own home. Who wouldn’t want to have a space that’s all their own, a product of their hard work and a symbol of new beginnings?

While some may think that being able to buy a house is still a long way for reality, leading property developer Filinvest has been undertaking for several decades the development of beautiful yet affordable homes that will take Filipinos a step closer to fulfilling their dream of having a home.

The Futura Homes brand by Flinvest provides Filipinos with affordable homes they can be proud of. Shared Reynaldo A. Ascaño, First Vice President of Filinvest, “When we designed Futura Homes, considering our residents’ needs and budget were at the top of our minds. We wanted to make sure that the homes we offer are truly worth their hard-earned money, and ensure that they have the perfect place to jumpstart their own futures.” True enough, for less than a million pesos and with a host of financing schemes available, Filipinos can easily realize their dream of becoming a home-owner.

Futura Homes boast of modern, minimalist house models thatdesign-wise are in step with the times. These also make use of the Buhos Tibay cast-in-place construction technology. “Buhos Tibay makes our houses are stronger than those made of hollow blocks or pre-cast materials,” said. “Because of the strong walls, the house is more resistant to natural disasters such as typhoons; as well as to common issues such as termites. Cast-in-place construction technology also provides proper insulation resulting to energy efficiency that, of course, leads to cost savings.”

Future residents have several house models to choose from, all designed in modern minimalist fashion. A young professional keen on making it out on his own can choose the Luvina, a spacious model with a studio-type layout. Newlyweds can find the perfect starter home in the 2-bedroom Styla while young families can nest in a cozy 3-bedroom Moderno model, with a patio perfect for get-togethers. Growing families can find the space they need in the Aspira home which has two storeys and three bedrooms, as well as a toilet and bath on each floor or the two-storey Contempo which features four bedrooms plus a family hall and terrace on the second floor. Other budget-friendly options include the row homes or various townhouse models.

Another important feature is the ability to expand the home to suit the needs of growing families. “Too often, we hear of families who need more space as time goes by. Our model units are flexible enough to accommodate future expansion,” said Ascaño.

A Filinvest development is not complete without a range of amenities that enables residents to enjoy various activities within the confines of their villages, or be near destinations for recreation. From beautiful gardens to swimming pools and clubhouses, Futura Homes lets residents revel in bonding moments with family and friends. Because of its beauty and affordability, Futura Homes can certainly be the dream home you’re looking for. “Indeed, you can be sure, there is a Futura Home for every Filipino,” declares Ascaño.

The Pineview Futura Homes in Tanza, Cavite, for example, is located near El Sorrento Country Club thus providing residents with their choice of fun activities to indulge in. Village amenities also abound in Valle Dulce in Calamba, Laguna, and Woodville in General Trias, Cavite, guaranteeing that there’s no need to go out for some rest and relaxation.

Futura Homes is the value homes of Filinvest Land. Inc. With a rich history spanning almost 50 years, Filinvest has built more than 135,000 homes on over 2,350 hectares of land to fulfill the dreams of Filipino families across the nation. A trusted name in providing well-crafted homes, inspiring townships and vibrant cities, Filinvest takes Filipinos through life’s important milestones – helping them achieve their ultimate dream of a place they can truly call home.

To know more about Futura Homes, call (02) 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

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