HAVILA celebrates Colaique miracle

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The secret behind Havila’s serene surroundings is more than the greenery that surrounds it, therebeholds a 67-year old miracle that happened within Havila’s 300-hectare township: the miracleof Colaique.

Last February 19, four thousand devotees from the academe, religious sectors and localgovernment units went to Havila in scenic Antipolo City to join a procession that will culminatein the revered Antipolo Cathedral, as the city celebrated the Colaique Miracle.

One of the most important events in the history of Antipolo, the Colaique Miracle is the story ofhow the city’s beloved patron, the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, saved the townsfolk inthe midst of World War II. During the Japanese occupation, the Old Antipolo Church as well asthe whole town was used as barracks by the enemy, and as the war drew to a close on February17, 1945, with Antipolo being heavily bombarded by American planes, 500 townsfolk made adecision to leave Antipolo and take with them the Image of the Our Lady of Peace and GoodVoyage.

Even as they walked through the steep and dangerous mountain trails while aerial raids happenedaround them, the survivors of the war believed that having The Virgin in their midst kept themsafe. After stopping at Kulaiki (also spelled Colaique), the group then made their way to thetowns of Angono, Santolan and Marikina.

This story of survival, faith and hope is commemorated annually since then by devotees. Likein past celebrations, this year’s procession made its way through the wide roads of the Havilatownship, ending in the Cathedral where a concelebrated Mass was held. A short programfeatured war survicors who shared stories of how they made their way out of Antipolo, protectedby the image of the Virgin.

“The message of this miracle has touched not only the local townsfolk, but also people fromall places and walks of life, from devotees from far-off towns and even many foreigners. Asthe project group behind Havila, we are happy to be part of such an important event, since ourannual participation allowed us to build stronger ties with residents and the community at large,”says Filinvest project officer Sean Imperial.

Havila is a prime development of Filinvest, a modern-day paradise that is home to fourcommunities – Mission Hills, Highlands Pointe, Villa Montserrat, and Forest Farms – that offerwell-appointed homes blessed by inherent charm, cool climes, clean air and breathtaking viewsof the city and Laguna de Bay.

A leader in property development for almost fifty years, Filinvest is committed to making theFilipino’s dreams to havea home of their own come true. Guided by the Gotianun tradition ofintegrity, qulity and service, it forges ahead with renewed dynamism. Beyond building homesand communities for Filipino families, Filinvest comes to the fore of building dreams for theFilipino.

For more information on Havila, call 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888

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