Filinvest Clarifies Changi Airport Ownership

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Filinvest MCIA bid representative Joseph Yap clarified that its consortium member Changi Airport SA is a 100% subsidiary of Changi Airport International (CAI) which in turn is owned 100% by Changi Airport Group (CAG), which operates Changi Airport in Singapore, the world’s most awarded airport.Filinvest

Mr. Yap said that It is our intention to bring the Changi experience to Mactan Cebu through CAI. CAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAG that invests, manages and provides advisory services to many airports worldwide. CAI and its parent company, CAG, flows its collective experience and resources to invest in and manage overseas airports. The pre-qualification process required submission of airport operator affiliates to show proof of experience.

Mr Jose Pantangco, Jr., Senior Vice President (Investments) of CAI, said that there had been misleading articles in the press and in social media, saying that it is a sister company of Changi Airport.  He clarified that CAI chose a 100% owned subsidiary, which met the requirements of the Department of Transport and Communication, to qualify for the tender.  However, the choice of this subsidiary does not mean any lesser commitment by CAI. CAI invests in overseas through various wholly owned subsidiaries. He added that CAI is fully committed to all its overseas projects with the full backing of experience, expertise, resources and commitment from CAI and its parent, CAG.




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