Living wall greens up Vinia Residences + VersaFlats

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Incorporating environmental elements have become de rigueur for property developers eager to spruce up their various developments. For Filinvest Land, Inc., however, greening their various projects are not merely to provide lush eye candy for its residents; more importantly, it is to provide a refreshing and ultimately healthier environment within its communities.


The 18-meter “living wall” in Vinia Residences + VersaFlats is a prime example of how natural features enhance not just the look but contribute to the overall atmosphere of the development. Located on the building façade and a portion of the Sky Lounge, the living wall is covered with lush vines that are placed to help improve the quality of air within and around the residences.

Filinvest has partnered with a comprehensive design consultancy firm that covers landscape architecture, urban planning, and environmental graphics, in setting up this eye-catching feature of Vinia Residences + VersaFlats. The living wall is covered by the tropical perennials Peperomias, grown for their ornamental foliage and attractive flowers. The beautiful colors of the Peperomias range from green or striped, marbled or bordered with pale green, red and gray.

The Thunbergia alata vine also weaves its way into the wall. With heart or arrow-shaped leaves, the vines produce flowers with a distinctive dark spot in the center which can be red, orange, white, or yellow in color. The flowers oftentimes have a chocolate-purple center, which inspired its common name, the Black-eyed Susan vine.

The mixture of Peperomias and Thunbergia alata create a vision of natural beauty that truly makes the wall come alive. Ensuring healthy, breathable air, the lush greenery also provides sense of refreshing welcome to residents.

Shared Filinvest Vice President Janette Manlangit, “the aim of Vinia Residences + VersaFlats is not only to provide affordable, versatile units, but also to be a green advocate that will contribute to the general well-being of its inhabitants and the community it belongs to.”

Vinia Residences + VersaFlats is another prestigious project from Filinvest that provides the comforts and conveniences of city living within a stylish and luxurious haven. Located along EDSA, in Barangay Philam, Quezon City, Vinia Residences + VersaFlats enables residents to enjoy the ease of living near their place of work or destinations for recreation, with the North Avenue MRT station just a few minutes’ walk away, and with major shopping malls such as Trinoma and SM City North Edsa accessible via the walkways. The development also features spaces for budding entrepreneurs or professionals. Vinia Residences’ + Versaflats (versatile flats or small office-home office), available in studio-type or one-bedroom units, are ideal for fair-sized office spaces, as well as a worthy investment.

Vinia Residences + VersaFlats offers a range of living options to suit any requirements. Studio units start at 22.75 square meters, one-bedroom units from 28 square meters, and two-bedroom units at 49.34 square meters. All units have good-sized picture windows provide amazing vistas of the Quezon City and Manila skylines and the Rizal mountainside, as well as allow in natural light and proper ventilation.

With a rich history spanning almost 50 years, Filinvest has built more than 135,000 homes on over 2,350 hectares of land to fulfill the dreams of Filipino families across the nation. A trusted name in providing well-crafted homes, inspiring townships and vibrant cities, Filinvest takes Filipinos through life’s important milestones – helping them achieve their ultimate dream of a place they can truly call home.

To make the move to Vinia Residences + VersaFlats truly welcoming, Filinvest will be giving away fortune plants for a limited time only. Find out more about Vinia Residences + VersaFlats by calling (02) 850-0888 or 0917-877-0888 or use the contact form.

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