About the Company

About Filinvest

The name Filinvest has become synonymous with property development. From humble beginnings over half a century ago, it has diversified into a leading full-range propertyFilinvestOffice developer with strategic interests in high-growth industries.

Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC), the holding company of the Filinvest Group, traces its origins to the consumer finance business established by Andrew L. Gotianun, Sr. and his family in 1955. Today, FDC is one of the Philippines’ leading conglomerates, with interests in real estate development and leasing, banking and financial services, hotel and resort management, power generation, and the sugar industry.
FDC entered the real estate business in 1967 and since then, has proven its mettle in a diverse range of real estate developments: residential subdivisions, shopping centers, central business districts, mid-rise and high-rise offices and condominiums, recreational farms, industrial estates, leisure clubs and information technology zones. – covering more than 2,350 hectares of land.
Driven by its commitment to building the Filipino dream, Filinvest has built homes for over 135,000 families. With each new endeavor, the company continues to fulfill Filipino dreams, making it possible for more Filipinos to acquire their first home, a lasting legacy or their most desired lifestyle.


Property Development Subsidiaries
Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) is one of the top residential property developers in the country. Over the years, it has established itself as a leader in residential housing development especially in its core business of affordable and middle-income housing.
From its first middle-income residential subdivision in Cebu, FLI never looked back, expanding steadily into various locations where there was a need. Today, FLI is a full-range property developer with an impressive portfolio scattered all over the archipelago. From building houses, the company has diversified into high-rise condominiums, medium-rise developments, BPO office buildings, shopping centers and leisure developments.
FLI is the developer behind successful projects such as the 52-storey PBCom Tower which is the tallest office building in the country, premier outsourcing hub Northgate Cyberzone in Alabang, and the sprawling Festival Supermall which remains the undisputed regional shopping center south of Metro Manila. For the high-end market, FLI created the exclusive Brentville community in Laguna which is home to Brent International School and a growing multi-cultural residential population.

The company likewise strives to constantly introduce innovative concepts such as the Asenso Village entrepreneurial community, all-studio condominiums for yuppies, oasis-themed mid-rise enclaves, Versaflat units that merge home and office, and more, to tap new markets with huge growth potential.


Filinvest Alabang, Inc. (FAI) was incorporated on August 25, 1993 in connection with the development of Filinvest City in Alabang, a joint venture with the government’s Public Estates Authority. FAI is 80% owned by FDC and 20% owned by FLI.
Filinvest City sprawls over an expansive 244 hectares of prime property in Alabang. It is master-planned to be competitive with the world’s most modern cities.skyline-2
Divided into districts to provide a balanced mix of developments, Filinvest City is a new benchmark in urban center development – delivering its envisioned growth for the neighboring locale and confirming it as a catalyst of progress for the entire Metro Manila.

The city’s multidimensional character gives it a competitive advantage, owing to these characteristics that uniquely make up the dynamism that is now Filinvest City.

  • Preferred CBD – Filinvest City’s energized and business-friendly environment continues to attract large multinational and local corporations, and leading BPO firms.

  • Mod Metropolis – Round-the-clock amenities create a cosmopolitan lifestyle where life’s pleasures and necessities are always within reach.

  • Garden City – Harmonizing modernity with nature, Filinvest City features tree-lined avenues and refreshing linear greenbelts, making the city a veritable pedestrian’s paradise.

  • Convergence Hub – The Skyway from Makati leads straight to Filinvest City, giving it unparalleled accessibility. It is also a convenient take-off point to business and leisure destinations in the Calabarzon area.

Convergence, however, now takes on a different meaning at Filinvest City as it is now pertains to an exciting merging of different lifestyles, a melting pot of cultures, a meeting of minds, a haven of different activities, and ultimately, a convergence of many possibilities.
Visit www.filinvestcity.com to know more about Filinvest City.


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